Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter

All of us here behind the scenes at Two Babies Do Fashion are wishing our friends and family who celebrate it a very happy Easter!

That is basically how every family photo shoot turns out. 

Monday, March 25, 2013

eShakti Review: Spring is Here!

By Earl
When Auntie Amelia got asked to do another review for eShakti - this time the spring collection - there was a major party in the household!  Two dresses = twice the love!

Last time she let Petunia help pick out her dress and got the adorable Birds' Eye View Dress (which I must admit is great for twirling and looks stunning!).  But this time was my choice!  Don't you love the Peter Pan collared dress?!  It's the little black dress for all seasons and will be perfect for her to dress up or down.
eShakti is great because the sizing is totally customizable.  She fits pretty neatly into their given sizes, but was able to give me other specifications to make the dress perfect (below the knee and cap sleeves)!  Plus, she loves the hidden pockets which are perfect for holding all the dandelions and crisp leaves I've found for her this spring!

eShakti is currently having 35% off their sale items and sign up with a new email address to get a free $25 gift coupon!

Friday, March 15, 2013

Shabby Apple Fashion Show

By Petunia
Ms. Mommy was the lucky recipient of a Shabby Apple gift certificate recently. She took advantage of one of the fabulous sales and promotions Shabby Apple is currently offering- buy one item from the new Ferris Wheel collection, get a select item for half price- and wound up bringing home these two gorgeous new wardrobe pieces!

She first selected the Looff's Pier blouse, from the Ferris Wheel collection, and then chose the Grand National dress for her half-off item. And do you know what? She adores them both! I wanted to show off my own grey dress (okay, it's actually a bubble top and not a dress), but then Hank wandered into the photo shoot and Ms. Mommy and I had a hard time keeping our focus.

Consequently, Ms. Mommy distracted us with graham crackers and situated herself in front of the shed because she's very un-creative and doesn't know any other way to take selfies in our yard. I apologize on her behalf, because this photo shoot is very embarrassing for all of us. Ms. Mommy doesn't know why she poses like that, or why she's making that face. I suggest you listen to this while looking at the below photo:

 Haha, nice try, Ms. Mommy. You knew the graham crackers wouldn't keep us occupied for long! Ooooh, what's this? Is your dress made of... SATIN?! Stop laughing, Mommy, it's very soft.

Then, of course, Ms. Mommy had to change and show us the new blouse. Then she changed back into dirty jeans and a sweater, because let's be honest here... three crazy kids and a muddy yard? There's no point dressing up for that. 

Dress and Blouse: Shabby Apple
Leggings: Stolen from Auntie Sha
Jeans: Old Navy

Boots: Bare Traps
Necklace: etsy 
Silver bracelets: Spiffing Jewelry
Other bracelets: Forever 21
Ridiculous headband: Forever 21

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Wordless Wednesday: Flower Fairy

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Backpacks & Bananastaches

By Earl
Here's an under-appreciated accessory: the backpack! Do you know who does appreciate the backpack (besides myself, Petunia, and Hank, of course)? Dora the Explorer! We watch a lot of Dora in our house. A LOT of Dora.

Backpack, backpack! Ms. Mommy only had to visit four different thrift stores before finding this charming Diego backpack.

Also under-appreciated? The bananastache.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Wordless Wednesday: More Peas, Please!

Friday, March 1, 2013

Huckleberry Pancakes

By Hank
Ms. Mommy may have brought up her lack of culinary abilities in previous blog posts. I'm here to set the record straight: Ms. Mommy is a genius in the kitchen... when it comes to make huckleberry pancakes using Bisquick mix.

Mmmm.... pancakes. Massive shout out to my Bubbe for providing the frozen huckleberries. It is the gift that keeps on giving. Oh, and for anyone reading this who is unfamiliar with huckleberries (I'm still having trouble processing this, as it is the state fruit of my Bubbe's birthplace, but apparently not everyone has gotten to experience this delectable treat), the berries are small, round, and look like blueberries. The variety we enjoy has a more tart flavor.

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