Friday, March 15, 2013

Shabby Apple Fashion Show

By Petunia
Ms. Mommy was the lucky recipient of a Shabby Apple gift certificate recently. She took advantage of one of the fabulous sales and promotions Shabby Apple is currently offering- buy one item from the new Ferris Wheel collection, get a select item for half price- and wound up bringing home these two gorgeous new wardrobe pieces!

She first selected the Looff's Pier blouse, from the Ferris Wheel collection, and then chose the Grand National dress for her half-off item. And do you know what? She adores them both! I wanted to show off my own grey dress (okay, it's actually a bubble top and not a dress), but then Hank wandered into the photo shoot and Ms. Mommy and I had a hard time keeping our focus.

Consequently, Ms. Mommy distracted us with graham crackers and situated herself in front of the shed because she's very un-creative and doesn't know any other way to take selfies in our yard. I apologize on her behalf, because this photo shoot is very embarrassing for all of us. Ms. Mommy doesn't know why she poses like that, or why she's making that face. I suggest you listen to this while looking at the below photo:

 Haha, nice try, Ms. Mommy. You knew the graham crackers wouldn't keep us occupied for long! Ooooh, what's this? Is your dress made of... SATIN?! Stop laughing, Mommy, it's very soft.

Then, of course, Ms. Mommy had to change and show us the new blouse. Then she changed back into dirty jeans and a sweater, because let's be honest here... three crazy kids and a muddy yard? There's no point dressing up for that. 

Dress and Blouse: Shabby Apple
Leggings: Stolen from Auntie Sha
Jeans: Old Navy

Boots: Bare Traps
Necklace: etsy 
Silver bracelets: Spiffing Jewelry
Other bracelets: Forever 21
Ridiculous headband: Forever 21


barjobo March 16, 2013 at 8:31 PM  

cute! still want to see a petunia/mommy shot w/ both dresses! Hooray for Shabby Apple!

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