Tuesday, October 30, 2012

By Petunia
Good morning, friends! Today we'd like to share what happens when Ms. Mommy finds herself with some time on her hands (Hahahahaha!) and a spare toddler sheet made out of jersey knit fabric. It's no secret that Ms. Mommy likes to sew, and it's also no secret that she's not real big on using patterns or doing things "by the book". She's more of a slap-dash, winging it kind of gal. As a toddler with a short attention span, I have to say I respect that kind of attitude. 

These are the two dresses Ms. Mommy sewed for me out of the purple striped jersey knit sheet. The first is a simple tube dress that utilizes the existing elastic from the fitted sheet. Ms. Mommy attached a length of fabric beneath the pretty, ruffled end, then sewed up some quick straps. She didn't get a good photo of the straps, but they're attached at the front and snap in the back. They're crossed in the back in these photos, but can be un-crossed to add some length as I grow. 

The second dress is a faux wrap dress. Ms. Mommy traced an existing dress of mine and added an inch for seam allowance plus growing room, then snipped, sewed, and viola! A comfy, cozy, stylish dress that should fit me next Summer. 


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Earl enjoys "traditional" styles, and prefers a classic, vintage look when dressing up. His everyday wear is best described as "uber casual".

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Petunia is a daring dresser who does her best to keep up with all the latest fashion trends. Among her favorite designers are Vintage Couture, Tea Collection, Gymboree, and Zutano.

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