Tuesday, April 10, 2012

It's Spring!

by Petunia

Happy Tuesday, peeps! I can call you that because it's still close enough to Easter and I'm sure we all have those delicious, sugary, marshmallow treats on our minds. Not that Ms. Mommy let me have any. She thinks I'm too young still. Easter is just one reason it's been so quiet on our blog this past week. Our Grandma was visiting before the holiday, and although Ms. Mommy took a lot of photos, we simply didn't find the time to post anything! She promised me she'd try to get them uploaded soon though. In the meantime, we've been enjoying delightful Spring weather (finally!), so here is a look at what I've been wearing to celebrate the sunshine:

Shirt: Gymboree
Bodysuit: Carter's
Pants: Children's Place
Socks: Old Navy
Shoes: Stride Rite
Hair Clip: Made by Auntie Amelia

Outfit NameSpring Colors
Petunia's Fashion Rating: 10/10
Earl's Fashion Rating: 9/10


About Earl

Earl enjoys "traditional" styles, and prefers a classic, vintage look when dressing up. His everyday wear is best described as "uber casual".

About Petunia

Petunia is a daring dresser who does her best to keep up with all the latest fashion trends. Among her favorite designers are Vintage Couture, Tea Collection, Gymboree, and Zutano.

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