Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Our New House

By Earl
We bought a house! No, not a real house. Ms. Mommy has been on the hunt for a larger playhouse for us because she is, and I quote, "Gettin' real tired of all the pushing and screaming" that happens when all three of us kids try to play in the little playhouse our neighbor gave us a few years back. Old house:

Charming, truly, but it fit the three of us much better before Petunia and I turned two. So, as I was saying, Ms. Mommy had been on the hunt for a newer, larger playhouse for some time. She scoured Craigslist with a vigilance that bordered on obsession, until one day she found this magnificent house. It's the Step2 Welcome Home Playhouse, and is the largest one they make. It retails for something totally insane like more than half a grand. Fortunately for us, this one's owners were asking just $175 because it's several years old and missing a skylight, porch, and some hardware. Ms. Mommy was ALL OVER IT! Also fortunately for us, Mr. Daddy was able to talk them down a bit, since he had to rent a U-Haul truck to drive over and pick this up. It was too large to fit in either of our family vehicles, even in pieces! 

Ta-dah! Isn't it majestic? Wait, no, that photo doesn't even do it justice because there wasn't room for Ms. Mommy to stand far enough back on the porch for a wide-angle shot. Here, check out this stock image from Step2's own website:
Whaaaaat?! That's crazy, isn't it! We can all fit inside without bumping into one another! Ms. Mommy called Step2, and they're going to send us a new skylight, and she also rummaged around in her toolbox until she found some hardware that would hold the pieces together. The previous owner had been using the playhouse without any screws or bolts in it, and though they said it never fell on anyone, Ms. Mommy likes to take precautions. We love our new playhouse, and it should suit our needs for years to come!

 P.S. Ms. Mommy said the trade-off was selling our tiny toddler slide on Craigslist. She's still trying to get rid of our little Garden Activity Center (seen in the above photo). 


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